About Us

Feedco was established as an animal feed & concentrate producing company in 1975 dedicated to serving the local Jordanian market. Ever since, the company has gained experience in several veterinary & animal health fields.

Feedco had established its credible and reputable name in the Jordanian market depending on the Quality principle that had been followed since the start of our Business.

Today Feedco is active in the sale of veterinary vaccines, antibiotics, medicated feed additives, Premixes and machinery, among others. We are currently representing some of the elite Veterinary Companies in the World

Feedco is currently among the leading companies in the Middle East in the sales of veterinary, feed additive products & Disinfectants. Feedco has a dedicated technical department serving the Jordanian & Middle East clients. Furthermore, Feedco has a powerful sales team, comprised of vets & agriculture engineers, to cover the Jordanian & ME area.

Our company believes in constant modernization & updating of our products and technical support. We opt to get the latest in the fields of veterinary medicine & feed technology to our customers.

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